Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Microsoft Dynamics Consulting

We offer you a wide range out-of-the-box services supporting any stage of the process of your international roll-out and any stage of your Dynamics solution life cycle. We really understand your needs and implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software package is an important decision. Our services are standardized and build upon best practices from a variety of industries. They have been created and structured to match the requirements of Microsoft Dynamics users internationally. Furthermore, besides solving specific identified challenges, problems, or non-performance issues, we also provide analysis services to help you identify the real source of your business challenges. The services are structured so it is easy for you to identify exactly which ones you need. Our experts will guide you so that this change truly supports your growth strategy and your quest for efficiency and productivity, all while making life easier for your employees.

Microsoft Dynamics Upgrade

With the dynamic economic environment nowadays warrants enterprise applications to be in line and up-to-date with changing time and keep enhancing their systems to meet the business requirements changing day by day.
Most companies view upgrades as part of a regular business enhancement plan that provides continuous momentum, agility and a competitive advantage. Upgrades can also leverage enhanced functionality, lowering the cost and risk of costly customizations. We follow Microsoft Dynamics Development guidelines and apply standardized processes and tools that we have developed to ensure a high level of consistency and quality of upgrades. Moreover, working closely with your internal team for planning and execution, Gototech offers the most cost-effective choice for Dynamics upgrades at the lowest risk. We have experienced consultants in Microsoft Dynamics. Our proven methodology ensures to deliver a successful upgrade. Therefore, taking advantage of our dedicated consultants, you easily achieve success in upgrading your system.

Our upgrade services include the following:
• Dynamics upgrades to AX or NAV from XAL
• Dynamics upgrades to latest version
• Dynamics upgrades to former version

Car Dealer Applications

The automobile market is changing day by day, sharper competition, ore exacting demands, and a clutch of new technologies. The software product, incadea.engine, has been specially designed for vehicle dealer and workshops. It is a standard international software product for the vehicle sector. It is based on the standard functions present in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and combines the commercial management options with special extensions designed for the vehicles sector. Besides that, it provides you with comprehensive support for all the businesses used in car salesrooms.

Business Analysis and Consulting

Business Analysts work in concert with you to understand your critical business initiatives and success factors. The Business Analyst will then produce a Business Needs Assessment and use these findings to formulate and guide a solution strategy.
We process in-depth knowledge and experience in the products and business process. Our consultants are able to provide and transfer the knowledge to our clients to ensure that they are capable of handling the system after the successful implementation. Project are ensured to be delivered to the highest standards

Civil Engineering and Construction

The civil engineering and construction business focuses on roadwork, waterworks, and building civil infrastructures. To run successful projects, costs, margins, and revenue need to be managed effectively from start to finish. Only then can your business operate profitably.

Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution for Civil Engineering & Construction, leveraging Microsoft Dynamics, will help you streamline your processes so you can:

  • Create and manage complex proposals.
  • Improve the uptime and reliability of your plant.
  • Gain clear insight into costs, margins, and revenue throughout the process-from proposal to delivery.
  • Execute subcontractor agreements with control and success.
  • Manage compliance while remaining lean and flexible.

With your company facing stiff competition and the pressure to reduce margins, IT solutions must deliver much more than functional capabilities. You also need the agility to respond quickly to new developments and maintain your competitive edge, without being limited by system constraints.

Working in the construction industry presents a unique set of IT challenges. Multiple job sites, verbose documentation, legal issues, etc. are all some of the challenges faced by modern construction companies. Civil engineering and construction businesses are driven by talking risks. The greater the risk, the greater the chance for significant results. But with stiff competition and the pressure to reduce margins, your company needs an IT solution to calculate margins, costs, and risks fast and accurately. You also need the agility to respond quickly to new developments and maintain your competitive edge, without being limited by system constraints